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DataDoctorsChallenge - 20210516

Number of Statuses by Suggestion for week 20210516

Created: 24.05.2021 23:45:11 - Slovenian time

ReportsBy UserBy SuggestionBy User and SuggestionBy Suggestion and UserBy Suggestion Group and UserUpdate frequency
SimpleUserSuggestionUser and SuggestionSuggestion and UserSugg. Group and User5 min
DetailedUser DetailedSuggestion DetailedUser and Suggestion DetailedSuggestion and User DetailedSugg. Group and User Detailed1 hour
By DayUser by DaySuggestion by DayUser and Suggestion by DaySuggestion and User by DaySugg. Group and User by Day1 hour
Total By HourBy HourTeam by HourBy Hour1 hour
      Error Txt Rank Number
Total 0 1,167
 853 - GEDCOM Junk 1 959
 851 - GEDCOM uncleaned Interpret date 2 196
 852 - GEDCOM uncleaned Parse Lastname 3 12

Time taken: 0 s

Date of report: 2021-05-24 23:45:11